California SB 1343 Employee Harassment Prevention Online Training

Effective workplace training can save you time, money and legal hassles and may provide an affirmative defense for employers in the event of an employment-related charge. Prevention is the best tool to eliminate complaints about possible misconduct, including workplace harassment and discrimination!

Key Features

  • Available in 5 industry specific verticals as well as general industry (including Automotive, Colleges and Universities, Construction Trade/Warehouse, Healthcare, and Restaurant/Hospitality)
  • Real world scenes delivered by professional actors and explored with dynamic legal and subject matter experts
  • Online Training provided in English and Spanish at no extra cost
  • Training for Supervisors and Employees (except where two-hour training requirements apply)
  • Covers all types of Sexual / Workplace Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination
  • Prevention, Recognition & Response

Course Topics Include (but not limited to)

  • Definitions and examples: Harassment: Quid pro quo and Hostile Environment physical, verbal and visual
  • Definitions and examples of Retaliation
  • Definitions and examples of Discrimination
  • Federal, State laws and Local Laws
  • Protected categories
  • Consequences of discrimination and harassment
  • Supervisory responsibilities
  • Employee complaint procedure
  • Bystander reporting
  • Intent vs. Impact
  • Reasonable person standard
  • Workplace romance; favoritism
  • Consenting vs. Welcome
  • Power abuse and intimidation
  • 3rd-party non-employees, e.g. contractors, clients, vendors, and temps
  • Off-site work-related activities
  • Cross-cultural conflict
  • Gender identity/expression and sexual orientation
  • Potential for violence
  • Social media and technology
  • Workplace bullying
  • The importance of documentation
  • And much more...

Online Training Benefits

Includes both English (with closed captioning) and Spanish language options

  • Online Tracking and Reports:
    • Who has registered for training
    • Who has completed the training
    • Progress in course
    • Printable certificate
    • E-Minders - can be scheduled for registered learners reminding them to complete the training
    • Single Seat purchases do not include tracking or reporting capability. Should you purchase bulk Single Seats, you will be contacted and tracking/reporting will be included in purchases of 5 or more Single Seats at a time.
  • Simple to use LMS (Learning Management System) system:
    • Clear straightforward admin features
    • Intuitive for admin and users
    • World class client support
    • Branded Course Portal
  • Batch upload your employee list
  • Automatic email deployed to your list letting employees know training is required